searching magazine

A publication about the human need to know.


15 weeks


Solo Project


Art Direction


After Effects
Flatbed scanner

the challenge

As humans, we are constantly wondering about our place in the universe and often delight in asking deep questions about who we are and what connects us. In times such as these, asking broad and probing questions acts as a re-centering tool when things feel out of control. We can find such conversations playing out in spaces ranging from pop culture to cutting-edge science.

the objective

Searching is a quarterly magazine dedicated to the never-ending human need to search for answers to life’s most mysterious and compelling questions. Often delving into the unreal and unexplained, it looks at the cutting edge of science as well as explanations that go beyond our current understandings. This magazine is interested in the “why” of our search–what our questions can tell us about ourselves. Searching is as much about the articles as the art; we want to tap into our audiences’ imaginations and create a magazine that they would want to keep on their shelves. The question, then, becomes: how might we create a collectible magazine that caters to an audience with a variety of interests, while still answering the big question: who are we?

Selected spreads from Searching
Issue No.1: Searching for Extraterrestrial Life

Each issue of Searching takes style cues from the theme of the issue, immersing itself in the content. The first issue is a 56-page exploration of our search for extraterrestrial life, with articles ranging from why aliens are often portrayed as green in pop culture to current scientific explorations into possible life-harboring planets to a review of an exciting new UFO docuseries.



The magazine’s audience is, first and foremost, a curious bunch. These are people who love to consume culture, art, and information from a variety of media. This audience is constantly looking to expand their knowledge and loves to read articles that question their views on life. The accompanying visuals and small survey give a little snapshot into the life and interests of these personas.

Style Boards & Recipe

Style boards were created, outlining the illustration and photographic/collage style. Creating a style recipe with layout inspiration allowed flexibility when choosing whether articles would be calm or more kinetic in their design. The general design voice for Searching is loud, bold, and colorful.


The biggest challenge of this project was learning how to create a set of layout, color, and type rules that would fit with all of the articles in the magazine and figuring out how each article should best be expressed. Having a passion for the subject helped to understand what would be appealing to potential readers. Searching magazine fills a niche in the industry for readers who enjoy articles that span topics from pop culture to hard science and provides intriguing visuals.